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Is your flat roof looking dilapidated and suffering from storm damage? Concerned that your flat roof may not be structurally sound for load-bearing? Flat roof repair Tamworth Green will address all your concerns, offering expedient and affordable solutions to all your roof repair needs. Want your flat roof checked for faults or nee flashing repaired and not sure where to start? We can help you find the best flat roof repair services at the lowest prices.

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flat roof repairs Tamworth Green, Lincolnshire

All flat roofs require regular maintenance and annual inspections, especially if the roof is exposed to severe weather. Irregularities in flashings and waterproofing could result in leaks which are damaging not only to the roof, but also the interior of your home. Flat roofs that are also gardens, balconies or otherwise load-bearing or placed over an extension may need particular attention to ensure the safety of you and your family.

basic flat roof maintenance

Basic Maintenance

General flat roof maintenance should include removing all stagnant water and puddles. This can be done by installing a roof drain or siphon system. The quicker you get rid of standing water, the less chance there is for a leak to occur. All flat roofs should be inspected semi-annually and after severe weather. Inspections should pay particular attention to flashings, as any sharp bends or joints can open up and may require resealing. Additionally, keeping your flat roof and gutters free of debris will prevent water build up and leaks.

Asphalt Flat Roof Repair

Asphalt, a petroleum by-product, is a popular coating for flat roofs. Asphalt roofs require a fair amount of maintenance, and can be susceptible to weather damage especially after severe storms. Only certified professionals should inspect and repair asphalt roofing. Improper asphalt laying could jeopardise the longevity of your roof. Working with asphalt and required chemicals should only be done by Tamworth Green flat roof repair professionals.

Tamworth Green asphalt flat roofing repairs
flashing repairs

Flashing Repair

Flashing is essential for proper drainage on all flat roofs regardless of material. Improper or insufficient flashing and incorrectly sealed joints can result in profound leaks. Caulks or sealant should not be used instead of flashing even though they may be cheaper options, as these alternatives are not hardy enough to withstand exposure to the elements. Paying the price for proper flashing installation and repair could end up saving you money in the long run by preventing the need for costly flat roof replacements.

Metal Flat Roof Repair

Stainless steel, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead sheeting are all highly durable and weather-resistant roofing materials. However, metal flat roofs may still require maintenance and repair. Metal is a good conductor of heat, so flat roof damage may be caused by thermal movement. Metal roof repair often involves leadwork to reseal joints for more durable flashings.

Tamworth Green metal flat roofing repairs
repair or replace Tamworth Green flat roofing?

How to Decide Between Repairing and Replacing a Flat Roof

A number of flat roofs can be repaired many times before they will need to be replaced completely. In cases where leaks are still minor or damage is not too severe on a section of flat roofing, repairs can usually be done quickly and affordably. When a roofing expert inspects your flat roof, they will determine which repair methods will be best. One of the most popular options for flat roof repair includes using asphalt to cover the areas that leak or have rusted (in the case of metal roofing). Once asphalt has been applied to leaks or damaged areas, the chances of them leaking again are little to none – for many years to come.

You should be having your flat roof inspected each year, and it’s anticipated that a small repair will be needed with each inspection. However, if you find that you’re calling for repairs several times per year, or that your contractor finds major problems with each inspection, you may want to consider a new flat roof. Repair costs can continue to add up, but when you choose the right new flat roof for your home or business, you can save thousands of pounds over the years by reducing the number of repairs you need.

Average Time Between Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs can go a long time between repairs, or they may need to be repaired quite frequently. This depends on many different things like the age of the roof, the material from which it is constructed, and even the quality of the installation or the last repair. On average, homeowners with flat roofs report that they need minor repairs once every five years or so. This number declines significantly for homeowners who have their roofs inspected and maintained by professionals annually.

average time between repairs

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Always Hire Experienced Lincolnshire Roofing Contractors

Although flat roof repair may seem like a simple task, the truth is that if it is not performed properly, you will struggle with constant leaks. As a result, it is essential to verify that any roofers you hire are experienced and qualified. This will ensure that the work is completed according to current industry standards. All roofers on our network have been extensively screened to ensure that they only provide the best quality service.

Tamworth Green flat roof repair companies

DIY Dangers

Do not attempt any DIY flat roof repair. Climbing ladders and working with tools or chemicals at high elevations can be extremely dangerous. Should damage to the roof be severe, structural instability could put you at risk of serious injury. Improper flat roof repair could be catastrophic, especially if the roof is load bearing. Specialised architectural knowledge may be required for a proper repair job, so always consult the professionals.

Tamworth Green flat roof repair companies

Getting Emergency Flat Roof Repairs

Although many repairs can wait until normal business hours, there are some repairs that must be performed immediately to save the structure of your Tamworth Green home or business. When this is the case, remember that not all Lincolnshire roofing companies offer after-hours or emergency services. When you fill out the form for a free quote, be sure to mention that you’re looking for emergency repairs. This way, the companies that offer them will contact you with their rates. (Remember that rates are usually higher after hours than they are during regular business hours.) There are local contractors who will come to your home at any time of the day or night, even on weekends or holidays, to repair your roof or at least prevent further damage until the weather permits the proper repairs.

Your Tamworth Green flat roofing repair questions answered

This will vary depending on the repairs that need to be done, the age of your roof, and whether the repairs can be affected without having to replace the entire roof. Small repairs can be done in few hours; larger repairs can take 1-2 days.

Not unless the repairs require replacing the entire roof. Most small repairs can be done on top of the existing roofing material, but these should be done by professional roofers to make sure that more damage is not done during the course of the repair.

If you notice water pooling on top of your roof after a heavy rain, this is a telltale sign that repairs are needed. You should also look for signs of peeling, cracking, or bulging on your roof’s surface.

Typically, all forms of flat roofing materials can be repaired – provided that they haven’t been left too long before work is done. However, in cases where large sections of a flat roof have rusted through or are starting to lift, it may be recommended to replace the roofing instead.

Unless you’re a qualified roofing contractor, it is always best to allow a professional to handle your flat roof repair. While you may be able to stop the immediate leak, failing to do so properly can result in an even larger leak – and more expensive damage – down the line.

Most of the contractors in the network are familiar with every type of flat roof material available. However, you should be sure to mention your roofing type in the comments section of your quote for more personalized responses. Some companies may be more well-versed in certain materials than others.

Trained, experienced professionals can safely walk on a flat roof because they can pinpoint beams and joists that will support their weight. Those who are not trained professionals should avoid walking on flat roofs as they may fall through and cause significant damage to both the roof and themselves!

If your flat roof is at the end of its lifespan, if it is in poor condition, or if the repairs are becoming significant, it may be worth your while to consider replacing your roof. Your contractor should be able to provide you with more information to help you make that choice.

The cost of repair work will depend on how serious the damage is and the size of the roof that needs to be worked on. The Lincolnshire contractors will provide you with quotes to compare beforehand though.

The best way to determine whether full replacement will be required is to obtain professional advice from one of our preferred Tamworth Green roofing contractors. They will physically inspect your roof and advise you which course of action will be best.

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Example Repair Requests

You're not alone if you need your Tamworth Green flat roofing roof repaired! Take a look at just some of the quote requests we receive daily here at Trusted Roofing. It's safe to say the roofers on our extended network can fix any flat roofing issues ou may have.

Date Summary Request
21 Oct Urgent Repairs Leaking flat roof with quite a lot of water coming in through an old hatch in the roof. Urgent.
21 Oct Survey Opinion We want to purchase this property and our survey has recommended that we get the flat roof on the extension checked for condition as well as quote for potential maintenance. We would also your opinion on what work would need to be done on the chimney as well as the roof in general. If you could contact us today that would be amazing. We would then obviously use your company for all future repairs as will be new to the area.
21 Oct Extension Leaking Leak coming from ceiling where flat has an extension which has a flat roof.
21 Oct Inspection Needed We have just moved into the property and we would like the flat garage roof inspected and a quote for any necessary work.
21 Oct Bay Window Damp I have a flat roof over my Bay window in the bedroom there is damp coming through where it joins my ceiling.
20 Oct Kitchen Extension Kitchen extension flat roof on back of terraced house: noticed felt above gutter is split and may mean new roof or repair?
20 Oct Flat Roof Waterproofing Our bitumen flat roof is showing some serious damage and we need repairs carried out before it starts to leak. Looking to compare free quotes for the repair work.
20 Oct Sealing Quote My roof is only 8 years old, but has begun leaking in 2 places. It always leaks in the same 2 places every time we have a steady or hard rain. Will you please provide me with a basic quote for flat roof repair?
20 Oct Re-sealing Roof We own quite an old property out in the country and have noticed that some of the rubber used on our flat roofing is starting to lift and has perished in places. Can you please let us know how much it will cost to repair this before the damage gets too serious?
20 Oct Advice & Costs/td> We have a small home that we rent out. The roof is leaking in several places and it is a flat roof. Please provide us with a quote for flat roof repair.
Repair or Re-Seal? Our garage roof was damaged by a falling branch a few months ago and we thought it had escaped unscathed, but it has now started to leak a little. I hope that by getting it looked at early we can save some money. Please get in touch asap.
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