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Roof Repair in Tamworth Green - Fix Roofing Leaks For Less

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Is your roof looking dilapidated, suffering from storm damage or old age wear and tear? Time to patch some leaks or re-lay your asphalt roofing? We provide the best Tamworth Green roof repair services to all types and styles of roofing. Need your pitched or flat roof mended but not sure where to start? We can help you find the correct services at a price to suit your budget.

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(Video) More On Roof Repairs

Any roofing, regardless of material, size or style, requires some maintenance and regular checks, especially after severe weather. Irregularities could result in leaks, causing damage not only to the exterior, but also to the interior of your home. The sooner you address a fault, the cheaper the repairs are likely to be, so why live with leaks and damage when professionals are standing by to fix the problem? Our short video highlights the importance of keeping your roof maintained and it good shape.

Fixing Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are susceptible to leaks due to inadequate drainage outlets and shoddy workmanship. Regular maintenance is required to prevent the sun from causing blistering and cracking on the surface. Punctures are also common, and generally caused by people walking upon it. Badly installed flashings may also cause problems. Flat roof repair addresses all these issues, whether the material is mineral felt, asphalt, lead, copper or zinc. Be aware that the type of material will affect the cost of mending it.

Tamworth Green flat roofing repairs
mending asphalt and bitumen roof

Mending an Asphalt Roof

Asphalt, a petroleum by product, is a popular coating particularly for flat roofs. Asphalt surfaces require a fair amount of maintenance, and may be susceptible to weather damage. Only certified professionals should lay asphalt roofing. Imprecise asphalt laying and the use of insufficient material could jeopardise the longevity of the structure, requiring a full replacement in as little as two years. Only professionals should tackle fixing an asphalt rooftop, as it can be dangerous and labour-intensive work.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is essential for proper drainage on all roofing. Improper or insufficient flashing details can result in severe leakage. Caulks or sealant should not be used instead of flashing even though they may be cheaper options. Flashing reconstruction is an investment when it comes to longevity. Paying the price for proper flashing installation and repair could end up saving you pricey replacements in the long run.

roof flashing repairs
metal roof leak repair

Repairing a Leaking Metal Roof

Metal roofing such as stainless steel, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead sheeting are all highly durable and weather-resistant. Metal however, may still require regular maintenance and repair. Since metal is a good conductor of heat, damage may be caused by thermal movement. Correct remedy usually involves lead work for sealing joints and creating durable flashing.

Tile Roof Repair

The most common form of roofing throughout the Tamworth Green region it's no surprise that we receive numerous request to replace broken or slipped tiles. Tiles can slip if they become detached, or can crack if damaged by falling debris or even adverse weather conditions. Fortunately not only are they very hard-wearing and robust, but they are also cheap to replace when carrying out repairs. A competent roofer can replace a few tiles (even ridge tiles) in a very short time which means that costs can be kept to a minimum and your building is watertight again.

tiled roof repairs
chimney and flue repairs

Chimneys and Flues

Chimneys and flues are vital for allowing combustion gases to escape your home. In most cases, chimneys and flues protrude from your roof, and they’re surrounded by flashing and other materials designed to prevent leaks. Inclement weather, such as high winds, can damage these materials and cause it to leak where it meets your chimney or flue. Although regular chimney inspections and sweeps are also important, most companies are well-versed in renovations as it pertains to chimneys and flues.

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Average Tamworth Green Roof Repair Costs

Depending upon the severity of your roof damage, the costs will fluctuate accordingly. Some roofers may charge a day rate, or price your job individually so you never pay more than the price quoted. Here are a few example average prices for some common remedial work:

Repair Needed Solution Duration Average Price
Replace Ridge Tile Based on a typical 2 storey terraced house requiring ladder access. 1 hour £40 - £50 - Best Price
Replace 5 Ridge Tiles Up to five cracked or lost ridge tiles replaced on 2 storey terrace. 1-3 hours £100 - £150 - Best Price
Replace 1 Tile Simple replacement of a broken tile on a typical 2 storey house. 1 hour £40 - £50 - Best Price
Replace 5 Tiles Simple replacement of up to 5 damaged tiles on a 2 storey house. 1-3 hours £80 - £200 - Best Price
Fitting Roof Vents x 2 Supply and fitting replacement roof vents (roof vents at £30 each). 1-3 hours £120 - £160 - Best Price
Chimney Repointing Based on lower-level eaves chimney, repointing the entire chimney. 1-3 days £500 - £700 - Best Price
Chimney Rebuilding Based on lower-level eaves chimney, rebuilding the entire chimney. 1-3 hours £1,300 - £1,600 - Best Price
Day Rate Repair work based on a daily rate (excluding materials). 1 day £250 - £300 - Best Price
1/2 Day Rate Repair work based on a daily rate (excluding materials). 1/2 day £150 - £200 - Best Price
New Lead of Fibreglass Valley Excluding valley costs (expect to pay more for lead than fibreglass). 1 day £250 - £300 - Best Price

Homeowner Insurance and Roofing Repairs

Renovation work can become quite costly, but there are a few ways to save money ahead of time. In fact, in most cases, it’s all about preparation. First, you should check your insurance policy. Homeowner insurance policies can differ from company to company, and even from person to person. Before you pay out-of-pocket for your repairs, make sure you’ve read over your policy carefully. Your insurance company may cover the costs depending on the situation. However, before you commit to billing your insurance company, make sure you’re fully aware of the potential increases in your monthly, quarterly, or annual premiums.

Preventing Expensive Damage with Regular Inspections

Much of the damage that roofers see every day is completely preventable. For example, a storm may blow through and cause tiles to detach, which creates the perfect place for moisture to seep in and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage before the homeowner even notices the problem. Regular inspections can lessen the burden by allowing contractors to spot problems early on. This way, a simple repair may only cost a couple hundred pounds rather than much more.

The Dangers of a DIY Fix

Attempting to renovate any roofing yourself is not recommend. Climbing ladders and working with tools at high elevations can be extremely dangerous. If the damage is severe, there may be structural instability, putting you at risk of falls and severe injury. Improper work could result in greater expenses for you should your DIY attempts fail or cause further damage that requires an entire replacement.

dangers of DIY roofing

Always Hire Qualified and Experienced Tamworth Green Roofers

Upon discovering that a roof needs repairs or replacement, many homeowners make the mistake of hiring the first Lincolnshire roofing company they can find to get the job done. However, before allowing anyone to repair a roof, it is essential to verify that they are qualified and experienced. They must also be able to provide proof of insurance.

Roofers that are experienced and qualified will not only be able to assess and determine exactly what is wrong with your roof; they will be able to ensure that repairs or roof replacements are performed efficiently and according to current safety and industry standards.

Your Roof Repair Questions Answered

When there is only minor damage or the damage is isolated to only a very small area then a repair will suffice, however if the damage is more extensive then total roof replacement may be needed.

The experience and reputation of a contractor should be considered, and the right technician should also be licensed and insured.

Roof remediation can range from £50 - £450 depending on a variety of factors. Prices can go up or down depending on the severity of the damage, the material used, and whether or not there are windows or other decorations that need to be taken into account.

If you're doing a straightforward patching job, then it is important to use the same material that was used in the original construction. If all you're doing is replacing a tile, make sure you get one that matches in colour and thickness.

Staples can be placed using a pneumatic air gun, which is a much faster process than nailing by hand. As such, your roofing project can be completed much sooner.

An approved Tamworth Green roofer should be able to handle any minor truss repairs with ease. If the damage is more severe, or if a replacement wooden truss is needed then they will have connections with either a local carpenter or builder who is able to carry out the work alongside them. Your first point of call should be a roofer to assess the damage accordingly.

While there’s no doubt that there are multiple roofing contractors available in your area, not all of them are qualified to fix it. You’ll want a company that is appropriately licensed and insured, and you’ll also want a team with the experience to provide quality work.

If you’ve hired a reputable company such as one from our network, that company can provide sound, solid advice as to the condition of your roof and whether you would be better off in the long run with a new one. In some cases, the extent of the repairs and the age can justify the costs.

Storm damage can range from minor to significant, so it’s important to call a professional if you suspect there may be any damage at all. This is especially true if you find tiles in your garden or if a large branch has fallen onto your property. While you may be able to place a tarp to stop leaks, it’s best to find an emergency roofing contractor who can assess and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Roofing work is highly specialised and if not performed correctly, you could end up with a far worse problem than you had initially - which will also cost a lot more to rectify. You could also be seriously injured if you do not know how to work safely on a roof.

Yes. Our network of professional and experienced roofers will assess the condition of your roof and provide you with a quote for the work before getting started with repairs or replacement should you agree to the price.

The cost of roof replacement varies with each roof that is installed. As a result, roofers will need to visit your property to take measurements and determine what type of roof will be best for your property. Once this has taken place, they will be able to let you know how much the work will cost.

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Sample Repair Requests

You're not alone in needing your Tamworth Green roof repaired! Here are just a few samples of the quote requests we receive every single day! You can see the experts on our network can rectify any roofing issue you may have!

Date Summary Request
21 Oct Kitchen Roof Sloping roof over the kitchen extension has sprung a smallish but strong leak (only when it is raining) with water escaping through one of the light sockets. Roof was newly installed four years ago.
21 Oct Commercial Repair Looking for a roof repair on a commercial property that is 3 storey at the back and two storey from the front . Would like the work quoting and doing ASAP.
21 Oct Conservatory The connection between my bungalow and the conservatory is leaking and requires gutter cleaned and the leak identified. May also require tiles to be moved to allow access.
21 Oct Loose Slates We have about six slates loose on the roof -there is no leak at the moment. We have tenants in the house and the number given is the phone number of the tenant.
21 Oct Storm Damage Roof tile fallen recently following storm. Tile fell onto grass and didn't break so needs refitted into position. Would like to have roof inspected and quote for low-pressure clean to remove moss/algae and reseal if necessary.
20 Oct Chipped Tiles I can see one chipped tile and we have slight ingress of water close to that tile. I want it replaced and a survey of the roof to check for other potential problem tiles.
20 Oct Cement Missing About 12 inches of cement has been blown out of the side elevation of the roof where the tiles meet the brickwork. This obviously needs replacing.
20 Oct Temporary Fix We have an old store room at the back of shop premises that is no longer in use. There is a significant leak in the roof that could potentially cause flood damage. We are keen on a temporary fix while considering a longer term solution. Thanks.
20 Oct Moved Tiles Leaky roof. Tiles have moved and as weather has been bad water is coming in through bathroom ceiling. Due to bad weather being expected wanting to get this repaired to prevent further damage
20 Oct Bird Damage Birds have caused damage to eaves allowing water to penetrate outer wall. Eaves require to be secured. This is a two storey flat and a cherry picker would be required.
Ridge Tiles I have a small leak under the ridge tile at the gable end that needs repairing.
Sloping Dormer Water leaking in from the roof into the garage and running onto the electrical consumer unit. The roof above the garage is sloping with dormer. I am concerned that the water is getting in to the electrics.
Top Floor Leaking top floor ceiling. Large quantity of water coming through a light fitting directly below roof.
Funnel Intake My boiler in the kitchen had a funnel going out of the roof. Due to heavy rain water is leaking through the funnel and into the kitchen.
Multiple Leaks Our roof has begun leaking in 2 places, which are right around the dining room light fixture, and in the kitchen in front of the back door. Our home is only 8 years old; therefore we do not think it is time for a new one, but we do need to remedy the situation.
Possible Replacement My garage is separately located at the back of our domestic property with a private driveway leading in. The roof needs to be replaced or repaired as I see water leaking into the interior roof.
Sloping Gully Where loft (done 7 years ago) meets roof of study on floor below there is a sloping gully. This has caused leak problems twice. Now after the bad weather, water has run down the slope towards window wall and has travelled down the corner wall soaking the interior plaster.
Total Overhaul We are experiencing leaking problems. We would like your best quote to have it completely overhauled. Thank you.
Chimney Stack We have water collecting on the upstairs floor and appears to be coming from loft. I looked at it yesterday but was ok. I think it may be ridge tiles/roofing or chimney stack.
Slate Damage Due to the heavy wind and rain recently I have sustained a leak with water accessing my kitchen wall and ceiling. I need a Slate Roofing contractor to come and check my tiles and fix any broken or loose tiles and re-point anywhere that has deteriorated.
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